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Welcome to AMCQBank

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The non-specialist standard pathway of the Australian Medical Council exam includes two parts: the AMC MCQ exam and the AMC Clinical Exam. The AMC MCQ exam includes theory-based

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AMC Clinical Exam

There are 16 scenarios in the AMC Clinical Examination. You have to pass at least 12 or more stations, along with a case from gynecology and another from pediatrics, both of which are compulsory.

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Case Development Area

Case development is the actual process which makes difference in the assessment and practice exams.We use high quality references based in Australia to solve recalls and make new multiple choice questions.

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General Information

AMC MCQ Exam preparation is really a tricky task. If you choose right material to study, your chances of success are very high. If you choose wrong material, it can lead to failure and waste of resources.

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AMCQBank, Fulfills your dreams

AMCQBank is the place to get responsive and flexible exam preparation that will help you pass the Australian Medical Council MCQ Exam and get your career off to a great start.

As the best and most-trusted solution for AMC exam preparation, our team works hard to compile high-quality test materials and practice questions that will help you have the best chance of passing the AMC MCQ Exam.

You can also take advantage of our time management feature, which helps you manage your practice sessions. Our virtual tutor ensures that you get the best results out of your practice time.

When you subscribe with us, you'll get unlimited access to our site so that you can prepare for the MCQ CAT exam. We also use high-quality references in Australia to solve recalls and create new multiple choice questions that will help you succeed.

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  • Self-evaluation assistance
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I just want to use this medium to thank the amcqbank for putting together this highly resourceful question bank. I subscribed for this question bank for one month and completed all the questions using the tutor mode about two weeks prior to my exam. I had an overall score of 47% at the end of it. However, I passed the AMC MCQ in December 2015 in my first attempt . This amcqbank, of all the materials I used, had the most impact in my passing the exam.

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